Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Dr. Appointment...

Most of you that read this already know but yesterday I had my doctor appointment to find out the sex of our baby. And its a BOY!! I was shocked how well we could see the babe. He was moving and kicking me like crazy! We got to see him open his mouth, squirm, and we saw very clearly his privates. The doctor didn't even have to say it was a boy by the time I saw it! Kane got the biggest grin on his face when we found out, not to mention that he has already told the whole world about our baby boy. We are so excited, I am just relieved that everything is still going really good, and I can't wait to actually feel the baby move. In four more weeks we get to have another ultrasound that is supposed to be on a much better machine so he will look a lot more clear.

Here is my favorite ultrasound picture because you can see the head, arm sticking straight up, bent legs and feet. It didn't turn out too clear because he kept moving around. But here is our baby boy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A whole lot of changes

So it has been months since I have checked any blogs or written anything new, so here is our update. My parents took our family and spouses to New York in May. Kane didn't get to go due to just getting a new job :( Other than being extremely sick in New York it was so much fun. Too bad I wasn't on "What Not to Wear" and have $5,000 to spend on clothes!

Anyways good news and bad news when we got home. The following Monday we found out that I'm pregnant again!!! (hence the sickness in New York) We also found out that same day that unfortunately, Kane lost his job. Nothing he could have done about it either.
So due to Kane not having a job for a few months, paying the stupid amount for COBRA to keep our health insurance, and trying to pay off Kane's teeth before the baby gets here... we get to move in with my parents! I am so grateful that my parents are willing to give up some of their basement, and that we have the opportunity to get our finances under control.

And back to the really exciting news our due date is February 2nd, and I will be 15 weeks on Monday! On August the 17th, 1 week from Monday we get to find out if our babe is a boy or a girl!! My doctor does all of his gender ultrasounds at 16 weeks which is earlier than most other doctors, and i can't wait!

Its crazy how everything happens in life but we are so excited for what is to come!