Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy gobble gobble day!

Well I never say what I am grateful for so I am going to join in and post what I am grateful for. LiFe in GeNeRaL is Beautiful! I love looking at the mountains out my window. I am SO grateful for my HUSBAND, I'm not just saying that because I am married. He is truly wonderful. He has made me open my eyes to life the good the bad and the ugly, even though I hate it sometimes. I have always been one to put all my issues in the back of my mind and forget about them, and as bad as it hurts to bring them back up and deal with them it feels great to have some more space in my life to fill with happy things! (if that makes any sense :) !) Life has been hard for us lately with loosing our baby. But my hubby has been right by my side through all of it. Even when it meant heading to the ER in the middle of the night, or breaking down crying on his shoulder. That experience has brought us so much closer and given me more gratitude for human life and how special every moment of it is. SO TRIALS in life are WONDERFUL (once we get over them)! I am also grateful for our families! They are always there to lend a helping hand whenever we need it! I cant begin to tell you how many things they have done for us. I am grateful that Kane and I have JOBS they may not be our dream jobs but we can provide for ourselves . There are so many I am grateful for but I don't want to make this post forever long. So thanks to all of you for being so supportive of Kane and I, we love you all!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

On Nov. 2nd it was our anniversary! Two years now and loving it! The 2nd was on Sunday and we went over to Cindy's house to meet her family. (Brent's future in-laws) We didn't really do much that day so we spent the whole weekend celebrating. Friday night was also Halloween and we went to see the Odyssey Dance production "Thriller". I believe this is my 5th year going, and Kane's 2nd. Then on Saturday night my parents gave us their season tickets to the Jazz game. It was a blast, at half time they had the bear come out with three little kids about ages 3-7 yrs old, dressed up in bear costumes! They played follow the leader with the bear and did hilarious things like kick the referees in the toosh. It was so cute and I am so mad I had my camera with me but I didn't get any pictures! This is the only picture we got all weekend, it was on Friday night before seeing Thriller. (The only picture I have also of my new haircut. The lady took off at least 5 inches :( but I am growing to like the shorter length.)

Laugh every day!

It was a couple months ago that I was reading the annual "humor issue" of Readers Digest at work. It had the cutest comments from kids! It was then that I decided that i need to laugh at least once every day of my life. Here are some of my favorites. Hope you find them as funny as I did...

  • Driving with my two young boys to a funeral, I tried to prepare them by talking about burial and what we believe happens after death. The boys behaved well during the service. But at the grave site, I discovered my explanations weren't as thorough as I'd thought. In a loud voice my four year old son asked, "Mom?" "Yes" I whispered. "Whats in the box?"

  • A family was celebrating their daughter's fifth birthday at a local restaurant when the little girl's father noticed her looking sadly at a moose head on the wall. Someone had placed a party had on its head. Her father knelt beside her and explained why some people hunt animals. "I know all that." the child sobbed. "But why did they have to shoot him at his birthday party?"

  • On the last night of our child-birth classes our teacher took us to see the maternity center. We were gathered by the door when a woman, clearly in labor, and her nervous husband came rushing in. When he saw our group of pregnant women, he panicked: "Oh my God. Look at the size of that line!"

Last but not least...

  • A woman from our office brought in her new bundle of joy along with her seven year old son. Everyone gathered around the baby, and the little boy asked, "Mommy, can I have some money to buy a soda?" "What do you say?" she said. He replied, "You're thin and beautiful." The woman reached into her purse and gave her son the money.