Monday, October 27, 2008

7 Random Things...

Alrighty, I have been tagged by Kira to say 7 random things about myself. The rules are: To say 7 random and/or weird things about yourself and then tag 7 people at the end of your blog to do the same thing . Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
1-When I was little I stuck Cheetos, m&m's and other random foods up my nose. I then ran to my mom telling her that my nose hurt, she had to use tweezers to get the food out of my nose.
2-Umm, kinda gross but I can belch like a guy. I don't do it all the time but i can win any burping contest!
3-I love m&m's and every time I take a handful to eat them I have to eat them by color. I always have to make sure I eat a yellow or green one last.
4- My other favorite candy bar is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Every time i eat them I have to eat all of the chocolate off first and then I eat the peanut butter filling! Yumm!
5-I have jelly bean toes! My pinkie toe on each foot curves in and looks like a jelly bean. I have stubbed my little toes too many times and now I can't even wiggle them.
6-I am one tough chick when it comes to sports or used to be anyways. When I was little and played soccer my dad would give me a goal of how many girls to knock over and if I did he would take me to Dairy Queen after to get a blizzard!
7- I HATE spiders!!! I really have arachnophobia I used to kill spiders with hairspray when i lived in my parents house. Now I have to make Kane kill them. Kane bought me a fly swater so that I could start killing them myself. I proudly announce that I have officially killed 3 little spiders with my swater!
Ok, I don't think I am going to tag 7 people but I will tag, Jessica, Mom, Mandi Jo, Allyssa, and Jeff! 5 is good enough right?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Katie and Bradley's Birthday Cakes

Round 1 of Katie's top layer above.

Bradley's Skateboard Lego's cake above.

Katie's Castle Cake above.
So here are pictures of the cakes I made this past weekend. They turned out alright I could have done Bradley's better, but live and learn. Oh but first here is a picture of round 1 of the top layer on Katie's cake. As you can tell it didn't quite make it! I guess thats what happens when you try and do too many things at once! Also Katie's Castle cake was supposed to have towers on the top of the first and second layer of the cake. Unfortunately my body wasn't going to let me stand too much longer, so it got balloons instead! However this was my first time trying out fondant icing and it worked!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Long hard night...

It's times like this that I am grateful for blogs! When you are grieving it makes it a lot easier to tell a lot of people whats going on without talking face to face. Last night at 11pm I was able to get a hold of an on-call doctor since my doctor wasn't in the office. After explaining my cramping and other symptoms he said I should go to the ER. So off to the hospital Kane and I went. After urine samples blood tests, fun IVs, about 45 minutes of Ultra Sounds and hours of waiting we found out that I am currently having a miscarriage. If I don't bleed heavily in the next ten days they need to do a DNC. Of course we were heartbroken, no one else in my family has had miscarriages and I am 12 weeks along! I thought for sure I was safe since my last week of my first trimester was this week! We got home from the hospital at about 2:30 am and I finally got a few hours of sleep. I know miscarriages happen a lot, however, I have never been close to anyone who has had one. I didn't get to see my last ultra sounds but my mother n-law was there and she got to see them my baby stopped growing probably about 9 weeks and then finally died last week since I had a sudden burst of energy and my morning sickness was gone. Anyways here is an ultra sound of a baby at 11 weeks, its obviously not mine but that's what it should have been when it passed last week. I think the hardest part is knowing that it is still inside of me and I just have to wait for it to come out. Anyways thanks for listening to me grieve and on a happier note I'm not going in to work today so I am going to finish making Bradley and Katie's Birthday cakes, that will hopefully help me take my mind of of this. I'll post the cakes tomorrow when they are officially done. Love you all!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday Cake Creations!

So this was a Birthday cake that I a made for my brothers birthday in July. I have to say that it turned out pretty good because I didn't plan ahead and buy decorations for it I just had to use whatever I could find in my parents house! By the way my brother went on a couple of hikes in the summer and got pretty close to some bears, so the cake is a bear head if you couldn't tell.
This one I thought was pretty funny, this was for my sisters birthday in May. I couldn't really think of what to do so this boy with the blue eyes is one of Jessica's scared patients. Below is a picture of Jessica with her mask on. (Jessica is a Dental Hygienist)
And there will be more cakes to come. Katie and Bradley's (my niece and nephew's) birthdays are this month so any good Ideas? Katie loves anything girly or with Princesses and I'm not sure about Bradley!

Summer Re-cap

So here is a re-cap of our summer now that it is officially fall! I ran my first half marathon in July! After I was done I swore I would never run again. Lol, that didn't last too long because there are so many different half marathons I would love to run, and eventually will someday! I unofficially beat my sister Sarah's first half marathon time, I accidentally ran the wrong way because the course wasn't clearly marked so I ran an extra block and a half!! Darn it, that added two minutes to my time and so my race time recorded is a minute slower than her first, but in reality it was faster!! However Sarah has run two half marathons and a full marathon. So she still has me beat because I doubt I'll ever run a full marathon.
Oh and by the way after the race my mom made me Peanut Butter Pie! My favorite!! And we got to go eat at the Olive Garden that night! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Kane is still up to the same as always ... Basketball (other than work)! Kane is always signed up in one league or another. This picture is he is playing in a league out in Clearfield, which by the way they got first place in this league! For winning they each got a trophy and money towards another league! So yay more basketball!

For those of you who know me I love making birthday cakes! My birthday was in August and one of my dear friends Kristina made me these cute bear cakes for my birthday! They were sooo cute! The girl bear is me and the boy bear is Kane (the one with the missing ears, Kane couldn't keep his hands off of them).

We promised John and Kristina that we would take a picture of us eating of the bears heads. So here we are...