Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend of cakes!

This weekend was so much fun, I was able to do what I love all weekend! I had 3 cakes to make, 1for a baby shower for a friend, the other two were for a joint birthday party for Katie and Bradley's birthdays this month. I also put on the birthday cake I made my brother back in July. And here are the results...Above was the cake I made for my brother in July. He was making a fountain in his backyard, so I made my own edible version :)
This cake was Bradley's birthday cake. It was starting off really cute, until I decided to try and make him look real and scary... that part didn't turn out so well, I'm better if I make cute cakes.
However, it did taste very yummy!
Above and below are pictures of Katie's birthday cake. I should've put up pictures with their birthday candles on the cakes because it made the cakes look adorable!

And below is my favorite cake that I made this weekend, this was the cake I made for a friend who was hosting a baby shower. This cake is similar to the other baby shower cake I made so it may look a little familiar (other than the fact this is a white baby boy who is bald).

I love making cakes and I get to do another baby shower cake in a week for another friend. Again I will post the results, this one will be fun I think she has decided to do a lady bug theme. I have decided that I really will have my own home business for making cakes, it won't be official for a while but in the mean time if anyone would like a cake let me know and I can totally do some here and there!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bumps and Thumps

So much fun (other than the little aches and pains)! I love being pregnant especially every time I get to feel our baby boy move. I felt Gabe for the first time at 18 weeks and then not again til I was 20 weeks. He moves all the time, although it seems whenever anyone puts their hand on my belly he knows and so he stops. I think Kane and his sister are the only ones who have been able to feel him, however cute little Katie claims she did as well. The baby and I have a new game, I absolutely LOVE taking baths. When I get in the tub I'll splash my belly with water and then wait... then the thumps come! He'll kick twice so hard that my belly moves where his foot is. He'll only kick twice though the little bugger, and always in the exact same spot. So cute. I know it will get to the point when I will be able to see him move all the time rather than just feel him. I have even heard how uncomfortable it can be when it gets to that point, so I'll just enjoy the little thumps he makes all day now. And the pictures totally don't do the "belly" justice, I feel huge!

I feel so blessed to have our baby boy, can't wait to hold him.
23 weeks right now...17 to go!