Monday, February 16, 2009

My new favorite hobby!

It all started when Kane and I decided to look at some nightstands (since we use a kitchen chair for one now, yup ghetto!). I remembered someone told me about classifieds. Well after looking around I found a FREE section! What could be better than free stuff right! So every morning when I get up I get on KSL to check the weather then I go right to the free classifieds! I almost got free turtle with the tank! However the people never called me back :( . I was going to just have the turtle at home when Kane got home from work. Once he found out I was serious about getting it he said he didn't want it. So sad. Oh well because then I found a cute rocking chair in good shape! So I arranged a time to pick it up in Ogden. My mom was nice enough to go with me since I didn't think it would fit in my car. However when we got there the guy said that he put it on his porch with a free sign on it and someone took it that afternoon! What a Jerk! Oh well, its still my favorite hobby and someday I am gunna score on something totally worth it!

P.S we still haven't gotten any nightstands so if anyone knows of any good deals let us know!

P.S.S Denise there was a free horse I don't know if you want another or even need one. And Jen too bad you already got your dog because there are a lot of dogs that people cant keep because they are moving. Even cute
pit bulls that they would have to send to the pound if they can't get rid of them in time.