Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Baby Pictures!

So today we had another ultrasound! 20 Weeks now! Woohoo half way done! It has been so much fun (except for extreme back pains). I can feel him more than I used to mainly at night when I am laying in bed. Kane and I pretty much have all our girl and boy baby names picked out. This baby is going to be Gabe (Gabriel), middle name still up for debate, Stokes. Baby Gabe was so cute today, I think I created a sugar addict. He wouldn't stop moving, and every time she tried to get a good picture of his face he would keep turning his head. So cute, anyways here are some of our pictures. Hopefully you can tell what they are if you can't it will say in the picture what you are looking at.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh what fun...

So we are officially moved into my parents house and we keep finding all sorts of great things in "our" basement! My favorite ... our old Sega! Sonic the Hedgehog was always a favorite, I also found Duckshots (Donald duck going on adventures), Sonic 2, and Awesome Possum! For some reason kid games are so much fun! The only games I have for Kane's X-box 360 are Kung Fu Panda, and Ratatouille. I have to laught because I never thought I would marry a guy that still plays video games, only to find myself doing the same. Ah scary! I guess I'll always be a kid (or nerd) at heart! So fun!