Monday, January 5, 2009

What you get with two crooked crumbly gluten free cakes!

Ok so the cake pictures were supposed to be first, not Samantha and Kane! Anyways, it was Samantha's Sweet 16 on Sunday! She is growing up so fast! She is turning into such a beautiful woman! She has so much potential inside of her that I don't think she has even realized yet! Sammi you ARE beautiful, and I hope you know how much Kane and I love you, even though we can't always be around! This picture of Kane and Sam was taken right after I met them over 2 years ago! (Sam is probably so embarassed that I put this picture on, but I don't have a recent one of her!)
Now here is what you get with two crooked crumbly glute free cakes...
I managed to salvage the two cakes by putting them together and hiding most of their imperfections! Gluten Free cakes are not easy to cut and Decorate! But I am glad Sammi was able to have a cake on her birthday!

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

What you get with two gluten free cakes...