Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out for the season??

What do you get with a bunch of guys playing some pickup ball at the church? Well let me tell you; a fractured maxilla (upper jaw), 3 root canals, and 3 crowns! Oh and not to mention the joy of eating soft foods for 3 weeks! Yup this is what happened to Kane last Thursday. We were lucky enough to have a dentist do an emergency appointment on Friday instead of waiting til Monday! I wish I could say that he is feeling a lot better now since it has been a week today since the incident. However he is still in a lot of pain and taking 8 Loratab pills a day (along with the 3 Penicillin and 3 IBprofun). I wish I knew how to get pictures of my phone because I have the funniest picture of Kane right after the Dentist finished up his 3 hour procedure on him! He looked a little stoned to say the least. Anyways kane is officialy done playing basketball... for this season. And if any of you have any good ideas of what Kane could eat let me know, he is getting tired of mashed potatos, soup, pudding, apple sauce, oatmeal and shakes!

Thank goo