Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Few more cakes and an update..

So on Nov 2nd Kane and I had our 3rd year anniversary! I was so excited, we took the day off to be together. We don't have any recent pictures of us so I thought it would be fun to dress up and take some pictures, then we were going to go to the Olive Garden for lunch, and just spend the rest of the day together until Kane had a basketball game he was playing in that night. Unfortunately that didn't really work out. We spent all day getting Kane's car fixed, it ended up needing a new catalytic converter. So $720 and all day later we decided not to go to lunch and we didn't have time to take pictures. Long story short my mother-n-law was so sweet and took us to the Olive Garden so we could still have an anniversary meal(our tradition), and I was at least able to take a new belly picture after Kane's basketball game. It's not a picture of the both of us and I am not dressed up, but I thought it was pretty funny. I'm holding a basketball, but you can't really see it because that's how huge my belly has gotten! The picture still doesn't do it justice it feels so much bigger than it looks! Next... here is a couple of pictures of a cake I made for Dee for her birthday!

And this is the cake I made for my friend MandiJo for her Baby shower last Saturday.
She was originally planning on a lady bug cake then decided to to the baby! So here is Baby #3...
And that is pretty much what we have been up to!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend of cakes!

This weekend was so much fun, I was able to do what I love all weekend! I had 3 cakes to make, 1for a baby shower for a friend, the other two were for a joint birthday party for Katie and Bradley's birthdays this month. I also put on the birthday cake I made my brother back in July. And here are the results...Above was the cake I made for my brother in July. He was making a fountain in his backyard, so I made my own edible version :)
This cake was Bradley's birthday cake. It was starting off really cute, until I decided to try and make him look real and scary... that part didn't turn out so well, I'm better if I make cute cakes.
However, it did taste very yummy!
Above and below are pictures of Katie's birthday cake. I should've put up pictures with their birthday candles on the cakes because it made the cakes look adorable!

And below is my favorite cake that I made this weekend, this was the cake I made for a friend who was hosting a baby shower. This cake is similar to the other baby shower cake I made so it may look a little familiar (other than the fact this is a white baby boy who is bald).

I love making cakes and I get to do another baby shower cake in a week for another friend. Again I will post the results, this one will be fun I think she has decided to do a lady bug theme. I have decided that I really will have my own home business for making cakes, it won't be official for a while but in the mean time if anyone would like a cake let me know and I can totally do some here and there!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bumps and Thumps

So much fun (other than the little aches and pains)! I love being pregnant especially every time I get to feel our baby boy move. I felt Gabe for the first time at 18 weeks and then not again til I was 20 weeks. He moves all the time, although it seems whenever anyone puts their hand on my belly he knows and so he stops. I think Kane and his sister are the only ones who have been able to feel him, however cute little Katie claims she did as well. The baby and I have a new game, I absolutely LOVE taking baths. When I get in the tub I'll splash my belly with water and then wait... then the thumps come! He'll kick twice so hard that my belly moves where his foot is. He'll only kick twice though the little bugger, and always in the exact same spot. So cute. I know it will get to the point when I will be able to see him move all the time rather than just feel him. I have even heard how uncomfortable it can be when it gets to that point, so I'll just enjoy the little thumps he makes all day now. And the pictures totally don't do the "belly" justice, I feel huge!

I feel so blessed to have our baby boy, can't wait to hold him.
23 weeks right now...17 to go!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Baby Pictures!

So today we had another ultrasound! 20 Weeks now! Woohoo half way done! It has been so much fun (except for extreme back pains). I can feel him more than I used to mainly at night when I am laying in bed. Kane and I pretty much have all our girl and boy baby names picked out. This baby is going to be Gabe (Gabriel), middle name still up for debate, Stokes. Baby Gabe was so cute today, I think I created a sugar addict. He wouldn't stop moving, and every time she tried to get a good picture of his face he would keep turning his head. So cute, anyways here are some of our pictures. Hopefully you can tell what they are if you can't it will say in the picture what you are looking at.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh what fun...

So we are officially moved into my parents house and we keep finding all sorts of great things in "our" basement! My favorite ... our old Sega! Sonic the Hedgehog was always a favorite, I also found Duckshots (Donald duck going on adventures), Sonic 2, and Awesome Possum! For some reason kid games are so much fun! The only games I have for Kane's X-box 360 are Kung Fu Panda, and Ratatouille. I have to laught because I never thought I would marry a guy that still plays video games, only to find myself doing the same. Ah scary! I guess I'll always be a kid (or nerd) at heart! So fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Dr. Appointment...

Most of you that read this already know but yesterday I had my doctor appointment to find out the sex of our baby. And its a BOY!! I was shocked how well we could see the babe. He was moving and kicking me like crazy! We got to see him open his mouth, squirm, and we saw very clearly his privates. The doctor didn't even have to say it was a boy by the time I saw it! Kane got the biggest grin on his face when we found out, not to mention that he has already told the whole world about our baby boy. We are so excited, I am just relieved that everything is still going really good, and I can't wait to actually feel the baby move. In four more weeks we get to have another ultrasound that is supposed to be on a much better machine so he will look a lot more clear.

Here is my favorite ultrasound picture because you can see the head, arm sticking straight up, bent legs and feet. It didn't turn out too clear because he kept moving around. But here is our baby boy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A whole lot of changes

So it has been months since I have checked any blogs or written anything new, so here is our update. My parents took our family and spouses to New York in May. Kane didn't get to go due to just getting a new job :( Other than being extremely sick in New York it was so much fun. Too bad I wasn't on "What Not to Wear" and have $5,000 to spend on clothes!

Anyways good news and bad news when we got home. The following Monday we found out that I'm pregnant again!!! (hence the sickness in New York) We also found out that same day that unfortunately, Kane lost his job. Nothing he could have done about it either.
So due to Kane not having a job for a few months, paying the stupid amount for COBRA to keep our health insurance, and trying to pay off Kane's teeth before the baby gets here... we get to move in with my parents! I am so grateful that my parents are willing to give up some of their basement, and that we have the opportunity to get our finances under control.

And back to the really exciting news our due date is February 2nd, and I will be 15 weeks on Monday! On August the 17th, 1 week from Monday we get to find out if our babe is a boy or a girl!! My doctor does all of his gender ultrasounds at 16 weeks which is earlier than most other doctors, and i can't wait!

Its crazy how everything happens in life but we are so excited for what is to come!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out for the season??

What do you get with a bunch of guys playing some pickup ball at the church? Well let me tell you; a fractured maxilla (upper jaw), 3 root canals, and 3 crowns! Oh and not to mention the joy of eating soft foods for 3 weeks! Yup this is what happened to Kane last Thursday. We were lucky enough to have a dentist do an emergency appointment on Friday instead of waiting til Monday! I wish I could say that he is feeling a lot better now since it has been a week today since the incident. However he is still in a lot of pain and taking 8 Loratab pills a day (along with the 3 Penicillin and 3 IBprofun). I wish I knew how to get pictures of my phone because I have the funniest picture of Kane right after the Dentist finished up his 3 hour procedure on him! He looked a little stoned to say the least. Anyways kane is officialy done playing basketball... for this season. And if any of you have any good ideas of what Kane could eat let me know, he is getting tired of mashed potatos, soup, pudding, apple sauce, oatmeal and shakes!

Thank goo

Monday, March 30, 2009

Yay, victory the cake is finished!

After my battle with the marshmellows for this cake I regained control and here is the finished product. I made this cake for a baby shower that I threw for a friend from work on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! She is expecting a baby girl (obviously) the end of May. I did steal the layout of the body from Jeff's old Iceskating coach on her cake website (very cute cakes by the way). But I did change the color and hair of the baby. My next task is a cake for Grandma Joyce's Birthday this week! So I'll post the finished product of that next week. Hopefully this blog can turn into a cake blog when I have the time and money to keep making all of these cakes!

Monday, March 23, 2009

When marshmellows attack!

So here I am making some fondant icing for a baby cake. I am throwing a baby shower for a girl at work this weekend. The first thing to do when making the icing is melt marshmellows... harmless right? So I put the bowl of marshmellows in the microwave and every 30 seconds I take the bowl out and stir them up. Well putting the bowl back into the microwave I dropped the spoon I was using, only for it to land on my face! The marshmellows had stuck my lower eylashes to my upper eyelashes and to my eyelid. Freaking out I run to the bathroom half blind because my eye was stuck halfway shut! Luckily splashing water on my face disolved the marshmellows and I could then open my eyes again. Scary!!! My eye won't stop hurting, so hopefully it doesn't swell up. If it does I'll have to come up with a better excuse than marshmellows attacking me. Man... who knew baking cakes was such hard work!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a blessing...

So Kane and I just got back from the store and were still in awe! We were standing in line to pay for our groceries and a friendly man behind us started talking to us and asking how long we had been married. Then he reached over and pressed the cancel button on the credit card machine and said he would pay. We told him he didn't have to but he insisted. Anyways he ended up paying and we couldn't believe it! Its so good to know that there are such nice people out there! I had to call my parents walking out to the car because I had to tell someone else, and now I am blogging about it! That just made our night. There are blessings and miracles around us every day we just have to be looking for them. I am very grateful for that mans act of kindness, and I hope I can make an impact on others lives as well!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ooops... My Bad!

So I quickly realized (thanks to Aunt Cindy and my husband) that I got the times wrong for the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday. Its 8-10 not 9-11. Sorry, Anyways so the show is from 8-10 on NBC! Thanks for catching that Cindy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 22nd!

So this coming Sunday the 22nd Kane's company is going to be on the Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump!! We are super excited! What could be a better more entertaining way to show our friends and family what he is doing! I am so proud of him for working so hard with it! I have to admit I have never watched the Celebrity Apprentice, so last Sunday we turned it on. It was a fun episode where they sold wedding dresses. Dennis Rodman is on this year and wow... I cant believe there really are people in the world who think the world literally revolves around them. So not only is Kane's company going to be on, but on the commercial for next week Dennis Rodman has a break down and gets in Clint Black's face, luckily I don't think anyone gets hurt.

Any who we are having a get together Sunday to watch it at our place. (Another blog shortly to come about our new living room!) So come over if you want to join in I am going to make lots of yummy food to celebrate with as well. So Next Sunday the 22nd at 9:00! They are even doing a special 2hr edition for his company as well! Again Sunday the 22nd from 9-11 on NBC!

Also here is Kane's website
Honestly if you ever need anything dealing with telecommunications talk to Kane or myself and check out our website because he can get you everything at cost and wholesale! He can get you whatever cell phone you want with all major cell providers, ADT, Dish Network and Direct TV, and our beloved Video Phone. (In which we are taking to New York in May so that Katie and Bradley can see Jess and Kaylan every night!) Love you all, thanks for your support!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My new favorite hobby!

It all started when Kane and I decided to look at some nightstands (since we use a kitchen chair for one now, yup ghetto!). I remembered someone told me about classifieds. Well after looking around I found a FREE section! What could be better than free stuff right! So every morning when I get up I get on KSL to check the weather then I go right to the free classifieds! I almost got free turtle with the tank! However the people never called me back :( . I was going to just have the turtle at home when Kane got home from work. Once he found out I was serious about getting it he said he didn't want it. So sad. Oh well because then I found a cute rocking chair in good shape! So I arranged a time to pick it up in Ogden. My mom was nice enough to go with me since I didn't think it would fit in my car. However when we got there the guy said that he put it on his porch with a free sign on it and someone took it that afternoon! What a Jerk! Oh well, its still my favorite hobby and someday I am gunna score on something totally worth it!

P.S we still haven't gotten any nightstands so if anyone knows of any good deals let us know!

P.S.S Denise there was a free horse I don't know if you want another or even need one. And Jen too bad you already got your dog because there are a lot of dogs that people cant keep because they are moving. Even cute
pit bulls that they would have to send to the pound if they can't get rid of them in time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What you get with two crooked crumbly gluten free cakes!

Ok so the cake pictures were supposed to be first, not Samantha and Kane! Anyways, it was Samantha's Sweet 16 on Sunday! She is growing up so fast! She is turning into such a beautiful woman! She has so much potential inside of her that I don't think she has even realized yet! Sammi you ARE beautiful, and I hope you know how much Kane and I love you, even though we can't always be around! This picture of Kane and Sam was taken right after I met them over 2 years ago! (Sam is probably so embarassed that I put this picture on, but I don't have a recent one of her!)
Now here is what you get with two crooked crumbly glute free cakes...
I managed to salvage the two cakes by putting them together and hiding most of their imperfections! Gluten Free cakes are not easy to cut and Decorate! But I am glad Sammi was able to have a cake on her birthday!

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

What you get with two gluten free cakes...