Monday, March 30, 2009

Yay, victory the cake is finished!

After my battle with the marshmellows for this cake I regained control and here is the finished product. I made this cake for a baby shower that I threw for a friend from work on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! She is expecting a baby girl (obviously) the end of May. I did steal the layout of the body from Jeff's old Iceskating coach on her cake website (very cute cakes by the way). But I did change the color and hair of the baby. My next task is a cake for Grandma Joyce's Birthday this week! So I'll post the finished product of that next week. Hopefully this blog can turn into a cake blog when I have the time and money to keep making all of these cakes!

Monday, March 23, 2009

When marshmellows attack!

So here I am making some fondant icing for a baby cake. I am throwing a baby shower for a girl at work this weekend. The first thing to do when making the icing is melt marshmellows... harmless right? So I put the bowl of marshmellows in the microwave and every 30 seconds I take the bowl out and stir them up. Well putting the bowl back into the microwave I dropped the spoon I was using, only for it to land on my face! The marshmellows had stuck my lower eylashes to my upper eyelashes and to my eyelid. Freaking out I run to the bathroom half blind because my eye was stuck halfway shut! Luckily splashing water on my face disolved the marshmellows and I could then open my eyes again. Scary!!! My eye won't stop hurting, so hopefully it doesn't swell up. If it does I'll have to come up with a better excuse than marshmellows attacking me. Man... who knew baking cakes was such hard work!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a blessing...

So Kane and I just got back from the store and were still in awe! We were standing in line to pay for our groceries and a friendly man behind us started talking to us and asking how long we had been married. Then he reached over and pressed the cancel button on the credit card machine and said he would pay. We told him he didn't have to but he insisted. Anyways he ended up paying and we couldn't believe it! Its so good to know that there are such nice people out there! I had to call my parents walking out to the car because I had to tell someone else, and now I am blogging about it! That just made our night. There are blessings and miracles around us every day we just have to be looking for them. I am very grateful for that mans act of kindness, and I hope I can make an impact on others lives as well!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ooops... My Bad!

So I quickly realized (thanks to Aunt Cindy and my husband) that I got the times wrong for the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday. Its 8-10 not 9-11. Sorry, Anyways so the show is from 8-10 on NBC! Thanks for catching that Cindy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 22nd!

So this coming Sunday the 22nd Kane's company is going to be on the Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump!! We are super excited! What could be a better more entertaining way to show our friends and family what he is doing! I am so proud of him for working so hard with it! I have to admit I have never watched the Celebrity Apprentice, so last Sunday we turned it on. It was a fun episode where they sold wedding dresses. Dennis Rodman is on this year and wow... I cant believe there really are people in the world who think the world literally revolves around them. So not only is Kane's company going to be on, but on the commercial for next week Dennis Rodman has a break down and gets in Clint Black's face, luckily I don't think anyone gets hurt.

Any who we are having a get together Sunday to watch it at our place. (Another blog shortly to come about our new living room!) So come over if you want to join in I am going to make lots of yummy food to celebrate with as well. So Next Sunday the 22nd at 9:00! They are even doing a special 2hr edition for his company as well! Again Sunday the 22nd from 9-11 on NBC!

Also here is Kane's website
Honestly if you ever need anything dealing with telecommunications talk to Kane or myself and check out our website because he can get you everything at cost and wholesale! He can get you whatever cell phone you want with all major cell providers, ADT, Dish Network and Direct TV, and our beloved Video Phone. (In which we are taking to New York in May so that Katie and Bradley can see Jess and Kaylan every night!) Love you all, thanks for your support!