Monday, October 27, 2008

7 Random Things...

Alrighty, I have been tagged by Kira to say 7 random things about myself. The rules are: To say 7 random and/or weird things about yourself and then tag 7 people at the end of your blog to do the same thing . Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
1-When I was little I stuck Cheetos, m&m's and other random foods up my nose. I then ran to my mom telling her that my nose hurt, she had to use tweezers to get the food out of my nose.
2-Umm, kinda gross but I can belch like a guy. I don't do it all the time but i can win any burping contest!
3-I love m&m's and every time I take a handful to eat them I have to eat them by color. I always have to make sure I eat a yellow or green one last.
4- My other favorite candy bar is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Every time i eat them I have to eat all of the chocolate off first and then I eat the peanut butter filling! Yumm!
5-I have jelly bean toes! My pinkie toe on each foot curves in and looks like a jelly bean. I have stubbed my little toes too many times and now I can't even wiggle them.
6-I am one tough chick when it comes to sports or used to be anyways. When I was little and played soccer my dad would give me a goal of how many girls to knock over and if I did he would take me to Dairy Queen after to get a blizzard!
7- I HATE spiders!!! I really have arachnophobia I used to kill spiders with hairspray when i lived in my parents house. Now I have to make Kane kill them. Kane bought me a fly swater so that I could start killing them myself. I proudly announce that I have officially killed 3 little spiders with my swater!
Ok, I don't think I am going to tag 7 people but I will tag, Jessica, Mom, Mandi Jo, Allyssa, and Jeff! 5 is good enough right?!


Mike and Kira said...

Haha! I am a witness to your burping! It is loud, but awesome! I love how you eat with such a routine, I do crazy things like that too, but not with candy. Like, if I eat bread, I eat around the crust first. Or pie, I eat the back first. Or cookies I eat the middle last. Or most things that are circular I eat around them first...I don't know why.

MBond007 said...

That is just GREAT!! I don't know 7 weird things about myself! What can I say... I'm PERFECT!!!

Grandmajoann said...

Those are 7 very fun things to know about you. I did know about the burps and the Reeses peanut butter cups, but the other 5 are very interesting. Good going. It is nice you remember those things about yourself. Hope you are feeling okay.
Love ya.