Friday, October 3, 2008

Summer Re-cap

So here is a re-cap of our summer now that it is officially fall! I ran my first half marathon in July! After I was done I swore I would never run again. Lol, that didn't last too long because there are so many different half marathons I would love to run, and eventually will someday! I unofficially beat my sister Sarah's first half marathon time, I accidentally ran the wrong way because the course wasn't clearly marked so I ran an extra block and a half!! Darn it, that added two minutes to my time and so my race time recorded is a minute slower than her first, but in reality it was faster!! However Sarah has run two half marathons and a full marathon. So she still has me beat because I doubt I'll ever run a full marathon.
Oh and by the way after the race my mom made me Peanut Butter Pie! My favorite!! And we got to go eat at the Olive Garden that night! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Kane is still up to the same as always ... Basketball (other than work)! Kane is always signed up in one league or another. This picture is he is playing in a league out in Clearfield, which by the way they got first place in this league! For winning they each got a trophy and money towards another league! So yay more basketball!

For those of you who know me I love making birthday cakes! My birthday was in August and one of my dear friends Kristina made me these cute bear cakes for my birthday! They were sooo cute! The girl bear is me and the boy bear is Kane (the one with the missing ears, Kane couldn't keep his hands off of them).

We promised John and Kristina that we would take a picture of us eating of the bears heads. So here we are...


Matt-n-Jef said...

Okay.. so have you ever seen the show on food network called, "Ace of Cakes"? Maybe you should get a job making cakes.. the cakes they make are so crazy unbelievable.. By the way, not very nice biting the heads off.

grammasheryl said...

MMmmm, I love cake! And, I'm sorry about all that basketball! LOL